The Sked thread

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  1. Ghost Pepper
    Ghost Pepper
    OK, remain on 7.175 for 5 min then go to alt. Just got Kentucky and New Hampshire with the dipole that's more than I can say for the end fed.
  2. Big-D
    Any one want to try a sked this weekend?
  3. Big-D
    Tomorrow 2/19/11 I'm going to de driving down to Galveston and I'll have my 10m and my 2m/70cm rigs on in the truck.

    I'll be operating on 28.400 usb and 146.520fm mobile from adout 4:30am cst till? as kf5d** mobile

    I will also be checking in from time to time on the saltgrass linked system during the day.

    Any one out there say hi and if in the area might agange a ftf.

  4. Big-D
    Well tomorow I'm going to be mobile heading to and from the Belton swapfest I'll have my 10m rig in the truck on 28.425 or 28.600 most of the time so any one up for a try?

    I'll be on the road at about 5am cst driving up there (about 2 hour drive) and around 11am till...

    10 meters has been open latley I've made mobile contacts in Ga., Az., and even Il.,

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