10 meter contest

  1. Ghost Pepper
    Ghost Pepper
    The ARRL 10 meter contest is Dec 11 and 12. Any participants?

    Has anybody had any luck on that band yet?
  2. Token
    The band has been fairly open during daylight hours for Saturday and so far this morning (Sunday). Trans-Atlantic is possible in the morning and Trans-Pacific in the evening, but both are really tough. Cross US is going on pretty much all day for me from the west coast starting about 0800 local. Down into the north end of South America to about Rio in Brazil.

  3. Ghost Pepper
    Ghost Pepper
    Thanks for the info Token I appreciate it. I tried to listen in on 10 today but heard nothing . I'm in a bad housing situation for my antennas because of HOA. I will monitor with the Shortwave and if I can hear activity then put the antenna up do the contest or QSO and take back down after the event. I may post pics of the set up I came up with to see if you guys have any suggestions on improving it.
  4. Big-D
    I know the contest is over but has anyone else notesed that 10 meters has been open in the afternoon latley
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