Just joined group and introducing myself.

  1. Getting Serious
    Getting Serious
    I don't have a full-blown ham radio, I have my starter radio, a baofeng uv-5r. It's not much, but it'll do in a pinch. I'm looking to see what information I can gather from this group in the attempts to get my ham licensing and learning about the ham community. What I've seen so far in my research is nothing but good things. But anyway I look forward to speaking with you all.
    Glad you found us, yea I have my tech ticket but my local HAM club has really turned me away from progressing to General. Post up again in Communications and see if you can get some real HAMs to help. Basically they usually give the exam about monthly somewhere close to you. You can also either take a weekend class with your local HAM club, or find some practice tests online and keep taking them until you can pass consistently.
  3. Getting Serious
    Getting Serious
    I'm probably also a terrible purist HAM. I'm of the opinion that it's a good thing to familiarize yourself with the effect of the different bands and antennas, but if it all went up in smoke, I'm not too worried about a license. I would be trying to locate my family, and to hell with ham ticket.
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