Let's get this group back up and flourishing

  1. Sandman1
    Brand new Ham here, Need input and lots of it
  2. Sandman1
    or not... lol
  3. marked
    I'll bite :)

    Not related to the amateur service, but I work for a fortune 500 company and out of curiosity I searched on the company name in the FCC license database. Found we have a number of licenses in the business/commercial band, including some nationwide temporary fixed and itinerant frequencies. Good to know, and nobody ever told me I wasn't an authorized user so... But even more interesting was that my company has a demonstration license, and I think I want one of those too!

    How difficult, and expensive, would something like Mr. Aaron Johnson's license be to get I wonder... http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsS...licKey=2663483 Be sure to check out the "locations" and "frequencies" tabs too.
  4. Sandman1
    So I will try this again here!!!
    Looking to start up a no BS Whenshtf Ham Radio Group, with a weekly net where we can all get together and talk. I am only a technician class right now, been studying hard for my General ticket but not yet ready. I think the best setup for this would be Echo link due to a total participation from all members who are not yet gen or extra. But would also like to setup a freq on hf and this could be at least listened in on by the techs until they get gen ticket.
    Right now I am building a tower for my Echolink setup and will have an established link for this once done. Or better yet if one of you have an established link on echolink already we could use that as well. I think this would be very beneficial to all interested, and would be a vital part of establishing some links with people in the cases of emergencies and the coming collapse that I see coming.
    So is anybody else interested in doing this??? Please comment and lets try and make this a reality.
  5. Daelith
    I think the groups would be more active if they notified you of new posts w/o having to manually subscribe. Easy to forget to check them and they don't show up under "today's posts." I think it's a good idea; I need to knock the dust off of my gear. It's been so long the LiPo batteries for my handheld barely hold a charge anymore.
  6. jnr0104
    Sandman, I posted yesterday on main page trying to get thread on this back on track
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