Don' Mess With Texas

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  1. Rightslanted
    I am also in the Houston area.
  2. Gen.Kenz
    I'm in PA but I would like to connect with other groups around the U.S...try to set up a network...
  3. GHOST550
    Hi all. EMT/LEO north of Houston. EMT for 9 years and LEO for 5 1/2. Lots of crazy things going on in the world today glad to know there is some like minded individuals nearby.
  4. evildave
    Hey do you guys know me lol ........maybe lmao.
  5. DesertDreamer
    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I am just outside Houston.
  6. texas_patriot32
    looking for people to get togeather to doing some training have trained professionals to assist with learning procedures .. and a place to shoot ! pm me if intrested let me know the dates you would be avalaible .around montgomery county
  7. jimLE
    howdy all yall.i forgot about this outside of alto area.where i live,is on a couty which it (might be) safe at first in a shtf situation.then it'll be time to get out while the getting out is still good.on account it'lll get unsfe here pretty fast..which means i'll be looking for some place else to live,and pretty fast..
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