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  1. DesertDreamer
    I live just outside of Houston. Just purchased a house, but I am looking for a good bug out location in the country. Prefer to get something near a fresh water supply, and something that is already built (ie, a cabin already built on the land). I am not looking for alot of land, just something out of the way. Like alot of other people, I am not the richest guy on the block, so I would be looking to finance something. I am just not quite sure where to look. I don't really want it to be more than say a 4 hour drive from the Houston area. I have looked around several of the East Texas lakes, etc. and it seems that those places are already riddled with a growing number of vacation homes, etc. I would entertain the idea of going in with a small group on some land with some cabins possibly, but prefer to stay in small groups or alone. Any of you guys have any good ideas, or can maybe point me in the right direction? I am new to all this. Thanks for your input!
  2. DesertDreamer
    No one?
  3. Leper
    Not alot of traffic here. I am looking for something it the Farmersvilel, or Blue Ridge area myself.
  4. D_Y
    If I were looking, I would look further north than Farmersville or Blue Ridge - I'd be getting out of Collin county. Fannin county real estate taxes are significantly lower than Collin county. I'm not sure about Hunt or Delta counties, but I think they would be good choices to look at, as well.
  5. texas_patriot32
    i have a place in east tx about 3h from houston if your driving 55 ! i would be intrested in co- oping with a familly there is fertile land and deep well and natural spring on property .
  6. DesertDreamer
    Texas Patriot.....just sent you a PM.....
  7. desertrat4466
    Hardin County
  8. heros787
    Paris Texas is cheep out of the way and has lakes.
  9. jimLE
    id be staying away from all lakes.on account,way to many people know of them..might try finding a out of the way,back road that dead ends in the middle of no where.and has very fertile soil,,ponds streams and/or creeks that are spring fed by underground spring.very wooded for firewood and construction..
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