MAG contacts

  1. Halkahn
    Anybody had any luck in locating personnel to Fort up with through personal meetings that started from this board?
  2. explo72
    kinda sorta
    met backpacker1513 and had lunch.
    we hit if off and would back each other up, but we are nearly 2 hours apart.

    also had some discussions w clocktowersniper and will hook up in person some day, but his new cabin is about 1 1/2 hours away.

    we are about an hour NE of knoxville.
    anyone else close by/
  3. whitewolf001
    Yeppers, I'm smack dab in between Nashville, Chattanoga, and Knoxville. I'm still very new to this prepping business so if anyone has a good solid list of items to help me get started I'd surely appreciate it. :D
  4. whitewolf001
    And I realize there are lists already out there but I would like to get one from a fellow Tennessean, some places or things Montana may have doesn't mean we'll have it here...
  5. tacticalbacon
    nope, seems to be a very quiet group ... i guess im an outsider
  6. Marius
    Brand new to the forum as well as this group. Didn't see any groups from my area so I joined in here. I hope to find others from the KY area and we may split off then, if there would be enough interest. Until then, I figure to hang out here and share/learn all I can. Anyone else from KY as a member of this group?
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