What Would You Like to See for RDU?

  1. Undead84
    This will be a running thread for suggestions. If you have any ideas for the group, post them here and we can discuss and hopefully find a way to make them work...
  2. rimfire63
    Howdy all. I would like to see a list compiled of possible targets for terrorist activity. Some obvious examples are Tiker AFB, McAlester Army Ammo Plant, etc.. I'm sure there are many places i'm not aware of. I think it would be a good reference to have on hand. From a more regional standpoint maybe we can share "road less traveled" info unique to our own regions to help stay off the beaten path if someone ever had to bug out. Things like that could be very helpful in an ugly situation. And of course saving $ is always good so we could keep each other up on where the internet bargains are. Just my 2 cents worth.
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