Any thoughts on good bug out locations within Florida

  1. nativeamerican
    This would be in the event that something was headed to your house and you absolutely had to leave. I am in the Sarasota Bradenton area and I think places like Orlando and Tampa my be places to stay away from (too many people) but other places like Mulberry or Lakeland might be a little better because of a spans of space between too many people but a readily available source of cheap hotels (if needed) or camping grounds. This of course would be for events that would allow things to stay open and keep running.
    If things were shut down and everything gone would you stay in Florida (the Seminoles did well here) or would you bug out of state?
  2. ZombieMAster
    You'll find me on <censored> off of <censored> off in psl area. good wide open spaces and a pre-selected camp site
  3. raggi5
    ZombieMAster, thats a tad far in a major event for atleast a while. Considering me and natives location is within 10 miles, WE are in the same situation if it goes nuclear...
  4. raggi5
    Censored the location... Please PM that to him. Don't want random whack jobs walking in do yah?
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