Lucifer's Hammer

  1. Rivet
    So I reread the 1977 classic Lucifer's Hammer over the summer. All I can say is if you haven't read it yet it worthwhile to do so.
  2. Junkman
    +1 on lucifers hammer. Also see wolf and iron and alas babylon.
  3. bruss01
    It is very good, well thought out and written by two outstanding authors at the height of their careers.

    The Postman is also very good... better than the movie.
  4. Junkman
    I enjoyed the way they built up a fortified ranch and the interaction with others with all it's risks. Not too realistic pf portrayal of the nuclear plant from my understanding. They also dismissed getting hydro plants going again in the sierras.
  5. ogun
    Fast forward to modern day and the story would still work with the inclusion of small hydro and solar power.
  6. Junkman
    Definitely hydro, I just found a old large format paperback from 1973 that details home built waterwheels and mill pond construction. All made with common materials and simple tools. As in the book tho the food supply would be the make or break situation. And if you had food the protection of food from hungry others would determine life and death.
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