Roll call...

  1. SgtPrepper
    Since we have a decent number of members now I wanted to get the ball rolling on introductions. For op-sec reasons of course feel free to volunteer as little or as much as you want. Whatever feels comfortable.

    I'm located in the North-Shore area of Boston, not too far from the city, but close enough that I have a BOL in mind. I've always been interested in prepping, but I became much more proactive after the financial crash of 2008. Right now my preps are focusing on the less common food items (spices, honey, etc.) and specialized equipment (advanced first aid equipment, like for chest wounds).
  2. SteveDuce
    Steve Here...

    I live up I-93 Dracut.

    I'm pretty good prepping for a local problem.

    I'm a

    My BOL is 500+ miles into NY State...

    I'm good for a get together with the group... IE: week end coffee to a camping trip.

    I'd prefer this grp to become somewhat active. All my prepper friends are WAY out of state...
  3. MacGyverRI
    Ken, East Prov.

    I Live on a 27' Sailing Coastal cruiser, prepped for a long distance trip to Coastal and Offshore, very mobile :)
    Bug in Bay, or Bug out in the Ocean, Islands etc..
  4. davidrn
    Hi, just joined the group, not very active in the forum. Live in N Central Mass, early retired, as an RN (in my forum name), prior USAF, enjoy back woods hikes. Hike for exercise occasionaly at Mt Wachusett, send me a note if you'd like to get into shape by hiking. I use a 1 mile, very steep trail, treat it after a few spring warm up trips, as a high intensity exercise. 18 min up, 12 down, is my best time. Have rec woods further out towards Western Mass, can shoot, camp, build a shelter on 20 acres, way off the highway.
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