south Texas

  1. TheManCow
    Hey all, been looking for some like minded folks down south, I'm in the Rio Grande Valley... and there are a shortage of preppers down here

    maybe small group through a co-op... but I don't have many "prepper friends" and that thought is a bit spooky to me... I think friends or at the very least good folks who are acquaintences are one of the best preps we can have and I don't trust most people farther than I can throw them.

    If there's anyone in the southern end of the state I'm thinking about starting a chapter of the American civil defense association... but i don't want to go out on a limb if I can't at least get a core of some good people
    I think that the problem is that your AO is so full of welfare programs, they figure that guv will bail them out.
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