High Capacity Water Still, Thoughts?

  1. mechanic4hire
    Obviously, water is a pretty important part of the whole "living" thing. In the event that supplies are exhausted and one must rely on local water sources which may be suspect, anyone have any ideas on a knock together still? Either fueled or solar, but it must be able to produce at least, let's say 10 gallons a day. The design would have to come from items readily available in the average home, to include water heaters, autos, and any other common household machinery.

    Let's see what we can come up with!
  2. wolfracer
    This is what I am thinking so far.

    Construct and use a sand filter to remove the particulate matter, then a wood fired rocket stove heating a pressure cooker with a copper condensing line. Would have to be opened to be refilled, but you could get 10 gallons a day from it.
  3. caster
    Wouldn't boiling be far more successful, not to mention easier, assuming anything other than nuclear SHFT?
  4. mechanic4hire
    Good ideas wolfracer, on the copper line condenser, would brake tubing from an auto work in lieu of copper?

    caster, I'm leaning away from boiling, or anything wood fired, and more towards a solar setup because of the smoke produced. More of a solar apparatus. You are right though, boiling in a pot would be the most efficient for producing clean water.
  5. Mosey
    A good primer on solar distillation
  6. learner
    if you are looking to go the solar distillation route that would take a lot of space for you would need a large area to collect the suns rays for 10 gallons a day. THere is this cool dish, mirror design though that you could focus light on the bottom of a still and heat it up water inside. I'd be interested to experiment with this if i had a spare satellite dish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=TtzRAjW6KO0 . I wonder how fast that could boil a pot of water if focused on one.
  7. learner
    i imagine instead of of gluing on some 6,00o mirrors would could possible use aluminum foil? i will see if i have time to try this out with a bowl and foil tomorrow just for Sh!ts and giggles
  8. caster
    Depending on location boiling need not be done with a solid fuel. There was an article 10 years ago or so in Backwoodsman magazine from a man in Arizone. He cooked in the summer with a black dutch oven placed inside 2 tires on a piece of steel plate. He covered the top of the tires with plexiglass and said it was no problem to hit 300 F after two hours in the AZ sun.
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