Survival on a Shoestring

  1. wingnuts
    Share your money saving ideas, latest big coupon savings, Stores with great deals, location for free stuff, etc.
  2. Shera
    Rice $16.98/50 lb thru 6/4/11. Cash and Carry Bend.
  3. wingnuts
    Great was just thinking about filling another bucket or two. Will have to take a trip to Bend I guess.
  4. Shera
    Late on this one. 5/20 safeway w/ club card 10 pack starkissed tuna $5.00, limit 4
  5. Shera
    Through 7/2/11 cash and carry has frozen veggies 20lb / $10.98. Great for dehydrating, no prep just put on trays and dry. Vacuum seal for long storage
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