How do you see yourself?

  1. PrepperX
    I was wondering how do you see yourself.1.Armchair-Living there lives but still interested in being personally prepared,but arenít sure how committed they are.Limited by funds, time, and family or just praying for peace.2.Gung-Ho-Preparing most their lives.Military style survival tactics, some stockpiling, weapons, procurement, Committed.3Mom&Pop-Usually tired of the rat race, want to get away, live the simple life, and not get caught in the Chaos. Gardening, Canning, Barter, Stockpiling.4.Survivalist-People who are actively preparing for future possible disruptions in local, regional, national,social or political order.Emergency medical training,self-defense and, building networks that will help them to survive or.5.Agrarian -They feel the rural life is better than the city life. Go back to the land; get out of the Social/Political scene. Build for a better life. So when society collapses there allrdy there.Thank You for your comments.
  2. PrepperX
    I look at my self as an Agrarian/Survivalist/Gung-Ho/Patriot:::Farming,self-sustainable,yet prepared to defend Life ,Liberty,and the Persuit of Happiness.
    About to get back to my roots. Selling everything here and moving south. Acquire some land, build, and live the good life. The home build will include some serious below ground storage/saferoom. Raise my deer, a few cattle, garden, and maybe some crops. Who knows where it will end.

    I just know that I'm getting a man cave.
  4. Texas Patriot
    Texas Patriot
    I would have to say the same goes for me PrepperX.

    Very tough job though, balancing everyday life with trying to get everything ready for what we know is coming.
  5. Chris1836
    I do not see myself as gun-ho. However I like to be ready for almost any type of situation I might have to deal with.
  6. TripSeven
    At a minimum the wifey and I are #3, trying for #6 asquickly as we can get there. Looking to move towards the hill country soon.
  7. American ME!
    American ME!
    I see myself as a realist....keeping a very sharp SA factor while living a normal life as much as possible, prepping in accordance of the most likely events that might come to fruition in my area as no one can prep for everything...especially all at once. I prioritize on the highest most likely threat factor, in my area being severe weather, then trickle down from there and that seems to work best. I do not get into a twist because of the "superior state of mind = superior results" principle.

    "You brain is your most valuable asset and most formidable weapon... all else is purely supplemental."
  8. jimLE
    i consider my self as a realistic person..even if i don't have all the info needed at time.i still call it the way i see it.or i simply keep my mouth shut..i've avoided isses that limited by funds when it comes to my preps.on account,everyday life comes paying the bills on time.and as for my preps go.they are a combination of everyday after tshtf short term short term power outages.
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