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  1. Ghost Pepper
    Ghost Pepper
    I've been a ham for about 11 years, my main emphasis is HF phone and CW. My main rig is a Kenwood TS-430. Also have a Icom 2200H for the 2 meter side of things.
  2. Big-D
    Been a ham for about a year got my general in nov. last year.

    I run mostly on 20 with my ten tec argosy II

    I'm on my 2 meter all day at work in the Austin area. (uh yea boss it's the company radio... lol)
  3. onezulu1z
    Been a han since 1963. Like the vintage Yaesu rigs...FT-101E, FR-101 and FL-101's. Repair and restore all of these.
  4. Token
    Since 1967 here. I pretty much do it all, but 6M is on 24/7.
  5. bacpacker1513
    Been a ham since 97. Currently a general, workin on the extra. I mostly work 2m/70cm. I do work a lot of digital, mostly winlink 2000 and aprs. I'm building a multi band dipole for HF, hope to put it up in the spring. I've been EC of our local ARES group for the past 11 years. I am retiring at the end of Decemeber, due to a couple of family issues and to get some new blood involved in the group. I learned a lot as EC, glad I did it, not sure I would do it again.
    Glad to be a member in this group.
  6. 264Win
    Hi All I have had my ticket since 1996 am now a General and local Ares emergency coordinator, I participate in all the local runs,walks, and dog races in the area. We as a club have a mobile trailer that can be up and running on vhf uhf within minutes and hf capable within 45min. there is also a comms trailer with a 35' tower for 10-15-20 meters and long wires for all the way down to 160meters. It has a 15kw diesel generator with a 116 gal. tank capable of operation for 10days with out support. We all are supposed to have our go boxes ready and have clothing for the wx, it gets down to -50F at times and we have had winds of 90 to 116 mph in the area. It hits the high 80s during the summer mo. . I run a TS-430s and ts-520 home base and have a YAESU-957D to setup mobile hopefully in the spring have all the parts ready now but too cold to work outside now.
  7. sirdarksoul
    Technician for about a year and a half. Upstate SC. I hope to upgrade to general after the holidays and purchasing an HF rig etc.
  8. kadetklapp
    Took and passed my tech exam Sunday. Missed the General by four. Still not in the ULS. imPatiently waiting.
  9. Duplicity
    Licensed for around 2 years... have Gen and am about ready to take the extra... just need to get it done...
  10. HanzoSteel
    Ham for a couple years and still a tech =/. I'll go for my General in 2011, just been lazy I guess.
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