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Anyone from the Prescott area?

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  • Anyone from the Prescott area?

    Have finally been able to get it on our radar to move out of the s**thole that is commiefornia.....been thinkin on it for a few years but it is slowly coming together. Looking closely at Prescott because of the dry 4-season weather and it's proximity to San Diego so we can keep in touch with family and friends that aren't able to leave just yet. Had some friends just move over there and it seems like a nice area, pretty cowboy/western, which is my thing, and obviously very conservative, another must........I'm just looking to get a feel for the place, and Arizona in general.

    Any help appreciated...!

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    We lived near there for many years but moved to the White Mountains in 2017. I really liked the surrounding area for hiking. Also great quail area along with quite a few doves. Many rattlesnakes (though most are friendly ). Does get 100*+ sometimes. We did enjoy our time there but moved to get away from the crowds and to get to a cooler area. Many many California people have moved into that area for the last many years.


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      I use to like Prescot when it was a fairly small place in the 90's. I played football in high school in Arizona. I can say one of the nicest places that we had a game at that I really loved was the Mugion Rim country. Good Luck to you and yours.


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        Look outside Prescott, like the Kirkland Area. Be there next week.