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Bamboo >>> USA Native Building Material Alternative

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  • Bamboo >>> USA Native Building Material Alternative

    Free Bamboo PDF Publications — Guadua Bamboo >> free PDFs of info

    Working with Bamboo — Guadua Bamboo >>> methods of construction

    Bamboo Forum — Guadua Bamboo >>> Q & A on bamboo
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    Nice site, Thanks


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      I have been growing Timber Bamboo on my house and property for a while now. It gets about 50' tall in Southern Oregon, and you can burn it for heat, split it to make things out of, and I am learning how to glue it up to make boards and things. Mostly, it goes to make heat. We have the best results from "Moso" bamboo, here. It takes the dry summers well, and we don't have to "water our lawn" much.

      For those of you who are into the fiber arts, you treat bamboo fiber like you would linen. Spinning the fiber is a real pain, but if you have ever spun cotton, or linen, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Just keep it damp, and don't over spin it. It is very smooth, and doesn't take dye very well. You will need to use a mordant. Once dyed, it will hold that color for ever. Good luck.

      There are people who ret it for fiber and spin the fibers into yarn. The yarn is supposed to be very soft and strong. Here are a couple more links.
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        I've seen "paper" towels made from bamboo on the net. Supposed to be very strong. They' come in rolls of twenty per roll. Tear them off just like any paper towel. Supposed to be very strong, use them multiple times. When they're dirty just throw them into the washing machine. Can be used up to approximately 100 times per sheet. Anyone tried these? If so, are they as good as advertised?