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Ever wonder what is in your water?

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    Here are two places that will test anyone's water for a price.

    Your county is still your best and likely cheapest source.

    When I bought my current home I did a home test. I think I got it from Walmart.


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      Originally posted by hiwall View Post
      Each state that I've lived in, required every new well to be tested. Also if you get a loan to buy a place with a well the loan company usually requires testing.
      Any well driller in your area can tell you where to get your water tested. Also many counties do water testing for the residents. Contact your county.
      Yeah, that was one of the requirements when we bought this place. It stated in the papers the well had been tested and found to be good, safe water for human consumption.


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        I need to hook back up my electric distiller. It will distill 12 gallons per day into a 5 gallon holding tank. It makes very good water..but you need to understand how to do maintenance on it occasionally.

        When I had it hooked up...I made my ice and coffee from it. I had to cut back on the amount of coffee I used versus tap water...or it would come out too strong.

        It makes great water...

        Most people would be surprised to find out what is in regular city water...

        Took the distiller down when making repairs and updates to my utility room...never put it back up.

        It is a Durastill distiller.

        My non Ishmaelite .02



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          Thanks! I'll have to contact them to make sure they will do city water:

          ...but it looks promising. So does this:

          Strange how neither turned up with intensive Google searches.


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            Been drinking using the same water purifier for 20 years, we're still alive out here. Is the water in your area that bad to raise some concern?