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    Ya know, honestly, I see America today as the Israelites afer they left Egypt and wandered in the wildnerness, and many timtes since. God told them what he wanted of them for them to prosper and succeed. Many times they turned their back oh Him and his ordnances, and look what it got them. Trouble beyond imagination. Maybe now its our turn.

    Somethng I feel is very appropriate for the near, and perhaps far, future. On may 2, 1984, James Halverson, who was at the time Chaplain of the Senate, prayed the following prayer for the opening of the new session>


    "Almighty God,we have come a long way since our birth as a Republic, but we have wandered somehow. Our Founding FAthers held freedom of religion as fundemental. We have translated that to freedom FROM religion,

    We have become Technlogical giants, and spiritual and moral dwarfs. We are sophisticated in scientific progress and primitive in spiritual development.

    We are knowledgeable in the ways of the world, and ignorant in the ways of God. We live as though man is the center of the universe, and God a periphiral invention of pius enthusiasts.

    We are abundantly rich in marterial resources and abysmally poor in sipritual and moral capitol.

    Dear God, help us get our act together before it is too late. In the way of Him who is the way, the truth and the light.

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