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Cascadia Subduction Zone Drill

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    😱... My brain hurts...
    leave the gun... take the cannoli...

    In times of strength prepare for times of weakness...


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      Exercise was pretty much what I expected. Very glad to be far inland. Read another thread about where you want to move to. I would avoid the Oregon/Washington coast. Wait until after the quake and you can get cheap, undeveloped beach front property for a dime on the dollar. If you work construction, heavy equipment or health, Boise or Spokane might be a good place to relocate to for the short term. I'll leave it up to the professionals to evaluate the problem, but I will pose this question to Fidel MD. What if 5-8 million people have limited access to potable water, effective health care and essentially live in an environment that equates to the early 1800's? Not for ever, just for 3-6 months. That's what a CSZ quake will do. I have heard "experts" expound on the massive response that will occur after such an event. How the Ports, Roads and Air facilities will be rebuild quickly? One of my kids was on the Boxer in early 2005 responding to the disaster in Sumatra. He said it was bigger than us. I think the same will be true here. Many on this site are preparing for all the right reasons. Here is another. This will affect all of us to some extent. So I am going to tend the cattle, make another order on Emergency Essentials and hope this is just an exercise. Maybe buy a case or two of Beam or Makers. This is not something that will materially affect folks east of the Rockies. But will be festive for those of us in the west.



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        a bit of activity in Cascadia area
        worth keeping an eye on
        Four earthquakes measuring between 5 and 6 in magnitude struck Monday off the coast of Vancouver Island, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

        The first quake registered 5.2 in magnitude and struck at 8:44 a.m. PST. The second quake, which measured 5.7 in magnitude, hit at 11:13 a.m. A third quake measuring 6.0 was recorded at 11:49 a.m. The fourth quake, also 6.0 in magnitude, struck at 12:56 p.m.

        All four quakes were centered about 100 miles west of Port Hardy, on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, and all were measured at a depth of about six miles.


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          They have been getting a large number of 1.0-3.0 in that area for the past couple weeks. Probably just warming up with the 5-6's
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            Maybe it's getting warmed up to head South.....
            Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.