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  1. Okay. I'll work on something. I'm afraid I haven't been post much. I'm working on helping get another author get a CD put together and haven't been writing for a couple of months. But I still plan to continue when the project is done. Just didn't want you to think I'd abandoned the place. And thanks. Give me a few days and I'll have something for you.
  2. Jerry, long time, no PM. I told you that we would advertise for you, on us. Make up your ad as you want it and submit it in classified. We will sticky it for you, on us. It's the least we can do for the work you provide.

    As you may know or surmise, we have been through hell and back. The former admin kind of refuses to leave and has hacked several admin/mod email and accounts. He has been a handful but we think we might have whipped him for now. So I am finally willing to attempt to move forward with some long overdue plans.

    Glad to have you.

  3. Jerry, as a thanks to you for your writing, feel free to advertise your CD in our classified section. It is at no cost to you, and a way of saying thanks for the work you do.

  4. Jerry, I love to read your stories, and am so thrilled that you choose to share them with us on this site. I'd like to shake your hand some day, and hope that the next time you are in Encinal, Texas, you will give a shout, and we can have some coffee.

    Thanks for all you do,

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