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  1. Mailbox is full buddy
  2. i cannot get a visitor message to any moderator for some stumped. I rebooted the computer, tried to log in about 10 times, nothing is working. I wonder if the site is messed up or something.
    i cannot read updated post..the post seems to be from early this morning . guess i wont be on here till something is fixed or find out whats going on at my end. no clue. could i be kicked off the forum for some reason? can you find out for me, i dont know how to work this damned thing..getting frustrated...holler later.
  3. hey if you can see me, something is messed up, i cannot log in or post. trying to get hold of alaska to help me.
    no clue whats going on. I dont know if i was booted off here, no clue why i would be. i try to get hold of him thru this visitor later
  4. Hey Buddy, hope all is going well for ya. Missing our chit chats.
  5. Hey Buddy, is your inbox full?
  6. Cleared it out, sorry brother
  7. Hey bro...your box is full.
    Talk to ya later.
  8. Crap bud, I didnt realise it was that full already Im sorry.
  9. Hey bub...your box is full...ive tried to message several times.
    Talk later...
  10. Inbox is full there buddy.
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