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  1. yea sorry about that, read them from the bottom post up.. makes more sense!!
  2. LUCKILY hubby has a job (but we denied help from the govt [surprise surprise], which is why we cannot afford to rent [along w/bad credit], but we do get school help for my son & also weekly food donations [canned yay! lasts forever!]. So, Hi I'm Niki, and I'd love to chat & learn from you and see what I can learn from others here too. Not gonna lie, going from a big 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in golden,co, to a 22 foot camper in small town BFE, is going to suck, BUT i think will be amazing practice & good for my [overly spoiled, my bad, love em] kids to see how simple life can rock, and that we can be prepared for ANYTHING! Bring it on huh!?!? well nice to meet you! hope to talk you soon!!! Niki : ) ps. congrats on the job, still have it?
  3. So we are well (at least I'm praying) stocked, we got some solar panels & lucky for us, a friend in a small town in CO, is allowing us to park on her land (allowing us electric, showers in her house & wifi), we are paying her a few hundred dollars a month while we save. We HAVE prepped "well", I also spent around 4 months re-doing the inside & out of the 5th wheel, It was broken into & needs a new window & legs but those should be fixed asap. The guy i bought it from LOVED it, so it has a recirculating toilet, large nice fridge, mini microwave, oven, stovetop, sink, etc. So it shouldn't be too bad, but I wanted to touch base, so we could talk & I can learn from you.
  4. hey! i just joined becuz i found you on a google search about living in an "RV". We are a family of 4, (myself (homemaker, cook, crafter, thrifty momma lol), hubby (former marine, emt, & firefighter), and two kiddos (our son "Jack" is almost 7 and daughter "Chuck" will be 2 in march). We hit $ problems over & over again, and now, we are going to be living in our 22 foot 1971 mitchell 5th wheel camper. LUCKY for us, we started getting into this survival life & prep mindset about well going on 3 or so years ago, we started stocking canned food, "protection" & ammo (pistols, rifles, shotguns, bb guns galore & slingshots [working on bow & arrows] as well as cans full of ammo), along with things such as clothing, sewing supplies, office supplies, etc. We each carry a Bug out Bag in our vehicles at all times & until I get my CCP, I (since the kids are with me 90% of the time), also carry my BB & slingshot locked & hidden in my car too.
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