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  1. Hello, VoorTrekker. I see we share the same birthday. Wonder what else we might have in common. I enjoy hunting,fishing, gardening (vegetables....can't see much sense in growing something I can't eat). My greatest joy in life is my family, wife, son, two daughters and one grand daughter. Yeah, I'm an old 64 next birthday but not complaining. Not ready for the alternative just yet. Hope to have 20 or more good years left, but that's in The Lord's hands. When He sends for I'm prepared to go. Hope you can say the same. I'm retired Air Force (23 years on active duty...1964-`1987), worked as armed security guard at a Nuke power plant for almost 11 years after retiring from the AF. Now I'm retired (getting my socialist security....figured I better while there is still something to get). I do still work part time at an army surplus store, GI Joe's in Clayton, North Carolina. Looking forward to your reply. later, gator.
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