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  1. Haha, Hi! I've been busy with newborn and toddler! My 3 year old is now in special ed preschool for delayed speech. I'm going somewhere in the car 4 days a week. That might be normal for some, but I'm such a homebody.
  2. Hi...Just wanted to say Hello!
    CeCe. :-)
  3. Hi Renee, Thanks for the update. Glad u r doing well. That is exciting plans for the fall, about the goats, rabbits, etc.....As for me, I used to be abit of a packrat!! So, I am trying to organize what I do have and weed out the things I don't have room for. So I may be selling off a few of my duplicate items, to make room for what I do need to get......
    Not sure if the rest of my message got cut off or if you got it or not.....take care......Happy Prepping.... CeCe :)
  4. Still here, was gone for a while. I oscillate between prepping and non-prepping. I started a blog, mostly for myself, for my renewed prepping efforts. I have made arrangements to rent a half acre of pasture within bike riding distance, starting in September. I hope to start with chickens and goats, then add rabbits and maybe tilapia. I've noticed that when people start to evaluate their winter feed needs, they tend to sell their goats and chickens on craigslist to downsize. Great time to buy. That and I need to get hay in now if I want to start on livestock before next spring. How are you doing? I see that the women thread is pretty abandoned. I figure things might pick up when things start going downhill.
  5. Hey Renee, I'm glad to see you [one of the Ladies!] still here. How r things going? Just wanted to say touch base and say Hey. CeCe :)
  6. Hi Renee, North Florida here! Hope u have a good day! :-)
  7. Hi Renee, Just wanted to say Hello to a Fellow Prepper Lady. CeCe :-)
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