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Thread: Does HIllary not realizze she is telling on herself and her party???

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    Quote Originally Posted by KINGCHIP View Post
    It will be recorded even in revisionist history, that obama, or whoever he is, was one of the greatest ruse ever perpetrated on the American people. A true Manchurian Candidate.
    The sad truth from the liberals who are picking, and choosing their own version of history....confederacy and slavery (never happened).

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    Hilly is up to 42 blaming excuses as to why she lost the election. Not one of those excuses points back at her. That's what she does best. That POS gives me the willies. Everything about her is just wrong in every way imaginable.
    Remember what Einstein said:
    I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

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    I know Camouflaged though I did not know it was some 42 reasons or excuses in her blame game.

    As a President ..the blame game and "Victimization " is not one of the characteristics which make one outstanding in the job. In fact it shows to me weakness...a flaw in character.

    It also shows a drastic flaw in the character of both political parties for not bringing up this view and understanding. The MSM as well are clearly in bed with the two phony political parties and their "Shaking Down" of America and our shift to Ishmaelite political/religious dogma/doctrine....called Politics....and away from our American Roots.

    In all of this ...the Left and also the phony Republicans have clearly shown me that they are Ishmaelites. So too the MSM shilling for them....that they would back such a character flawed candidate...and not speak up about the true nature of this flaw.


    Not an Ishmaelite.

    In Isaac shall thy seed be called.....

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