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Thread: N. K. launches another failed missile.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangetom1999 View Post
    LOL LOL LOL TommyGun!!!

    Yeah...good point. I've not thought it through to that extent but your point is noted ..even in humor.

    I'll tell you what a Economics Professor told me...the fellow who taught me to think outside the box of what passes for thinking among most today.

    This professor made a trip to Soviet Russia in the late 1970s with his wife. A special inexpensive Pan Am tourist package....lodging, transportation al...

    What he realized back then was that this "Special Pan American Airlines Package" at such an inexpensive rate was for political purposes...into Soviet Russia.

    Someone needed to know what American Tourists into Soviet Russia could really tell about conditions there...What could Americans really see and understand about Soviet Russia in the late 1970s. This package was the "Test Group " to see what Americans could see about Soviet Russia in their plans for the 1980 Olympic Games.

    This was particularly important for the New World Order types who have been secretly running Russia and the United States both through their "Proxy " leaders.

    Now what this Economics Professor ..a PHD...discovered was that most Russians under the Soviet system ...then under Leonid Brezhnev...were drunks. I mean big time drunks. They inhaled the vodka.

    In a bit of facetious humor he went around America, back then, when he had returned from this trip, to speak of this in Pro American Meetings in steak houses and such.

    He stated.."Do you want to know what the Soviets are doing with all the wheat we have sold them...they are drinking it....they are a bunch of sots!!"

    "You never have to worry about a Russian out producing us Americans in anything..they are a bunch of drunks."

    You was not long after that speech that the Soviets under Leonid Brezhnev began to crack down on drinking. They had heard about his speeches. The New World Order types too.

    You could not have Americans at the 1980 Olympics in Soviet Russia see how drunk the average Russian was. How empty the store shelves were...the total absence of consumer goods..including cars and food varieties...except for the leadership and special political party people.

    He would go back to his hotel room because he knew the room was bugged...and speak of this to his wife so that the microphones could pick it up.

    He his wife..." thing is for sure....America will never come to the Soviet Olympics. They cannot have Americans coming here and seeing unsuperpower Soviet Russia really is. They cannot possibly hide Russia from Americans..and have Americans coming home and telling what they have seen here. Telling and asking why we are afraid of this unsuperpower??
    They don't dare bring Americans to the Soviet sponsored Olympics next year.

    That lecture by this PHD was particularly enlightening to me...and I have never forgotten it.

    As a side light...this professor was speaking on several topic lines which today ..I recognize in the positions by many conservative of which is Alex Jones. I can hear the basics of what I learned so long ago in the patterns of what Alex Jones and others speak...

    I can also hear the contrast to what this Economics Professor taught in what the Left teaches and preaches as they sponsor Soviet/Islamic type totalitarian "Enlightened Thinking."

    I can see, hear, and recognize the "Religion of Soviet/Islamic Dictatorial Totalitarian Dogma" being promoted by the left and in our schools and colleges among our young people.
    I can see, hear, and recognize the 180 degree flip flop in public school religion being promoted amongst our untutored, uneducated, and unprotected/gullible young people.

    But I remember this professor speaking of the Soviet Russians being a bunch of drunks.
    He stated that he never could figure out the distribution system but it was one of the few things they had in great supply. The rest of the economy could not deliver most consumer goods..but Vodka they had aplenty.

    Backpacker 1513,

    Your certainly welcome BackPacker 1513. Glad to hear that it was of some use to you and the rest of the readers out here.

    Here is another freebee via this same economics professor and which stuck with me for it never being spoken about in most of our public education nor the phony media here ..looking out for us...not spinning.

    What this professor stated was that the Soviet Communist had done a lot of experiments and observations on human behavior as they were not known for a lot of automation in their lives and economies per se.

    One of the things the Soviet Communists knew quite well was that in "Slave Labor" a human being produces his greatest and most consistent output or production at a point just above starvation. If they get too much their production falls off.

    Remember this as our own government takes more and more of our production away from us and transfers it to someone or something else...thus taking from us more and more of our freedoms and economically deciding for ourselves and our families. Thus they "Herd Us" like cattle. Think Obama Care here.

    This knowledge, to me, is a very strong foreteller as to why Trump and Company will not get Obama Care repeal nor Tax Reform. For "Herding Americans " into The New Word Order" is heavily dependent on this hidden totalitarian system of confiscation to curb our liberties and freedoms. We have too much here in America. We must be forced into austerity..the poor house just like most of the nations and people on this earth.

    If Trump and Company can pull off Tax reform and repeal of Obama will definitely be a Miracle.

    Keep in mind the North Korean method of operation against their own people and someone here in America is trying to "Herd Us" into the "New World Order" via dumbing us down.

    Herding is exactly what is happening in all the European Nations via ...unchecked Immigration and The New World Order/Deep State. They are literally stealing the nations away from their native people in those countries. They plan to turn these nations over to Ishmael..and the Ishmaelite religion. This nation too.

    My maddening .02,


    Not an Ishmaelite.
    True, but the biggest "oversight" by those morons in DC is they tend to forget there are a lot of us out here, like us on the forum, that has rebellion in our genes. Just a matter of which spark lights the fuse. Then the fire works will REALLY begin!

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    Let us see if this link will come up.

    I got to re reading one of my posts about ICBM class submarines and remembered something I'd seen down at work in a photograph though I've not witnessed it myself.

    I am aware that on Submarines they will fill/flood the torpedo tubes for testing with water and then shoot the tube...this is called a water slug. Nor torpedo is in the tube...they only shoot the water.

    What most do not know is that the vertical ICBM missile can do the same. I have worked all night to fill one of these tubes with water for the oncoming shift such that they can shoot the water slug for the big wigs to see on day shift...but have never, outside of photos, seen this done.

    Here..I found this on the web and will try to link it ...of a ICBM missile tube firing a water slug...vertically into the air. This gives some of you an Idea how powerful is the gas canister used down below to launch the missile up clear of the surface before the rocket motor ignites and sends the missile down range to it's target.

    The bicycle will give you some idea as to the scale of this...and the plume of the water will go up much further in height before it plays out.
    This shot is just as it exits the open missile goes much much higher before it plays out.


    Hope this photo comes out ok..

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    That is impressive!
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    I didn't know submarines could fart.

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    That is very impressive
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