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Thread: 2017.......What have you added to your preps this week?

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    Grabbed a box of 308

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    My wife and I bought a really nice Upper and lower AR15 from Palmetto State Armory. We then got a nice Nikon 3/9 adjustable scope, and a rail mounted flashlight/laser. Hope to shoot it soon in the back field on my 100 yard shooting range.

    We have been completely re-doing the shooting target after a large tree fell, and shattered on top of our old one. I cut up the tree, pushed my old 21' boat shell upside down into place, and then moved our horse manure pile up against the side of the boat. I have a dozen old railroad ties that I need to set in place on the manure pile, and then attach a heavy duty flat-top machine pallet to the RR ties to be able to attach stick on/hanging targets.

    New rule for the shooting range, no more shotgun blasts at the target, we got a new skeet launcher that we need to try out this year.
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    Two plum trees from tractor supply. 40 something chicken eggs ready to hatch in the next couple of days.
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    We have a new wood burning cook stove.
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