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Thread: 2017.......What have you added to your preps this week?

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    Grabbed a box of 308

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    My wife and I bought a really nice Upper and lower AR15 from Palmetto State Armory. We then got a nice Nikon 3/9 adjustable scope, and a rail mounted flashlight/laser. Hope to shoot it soon in the back field on my 100 yard shooting range.

    We have been completely re-doing the shooting target after a large tree fell, and shattered on top of our old one. I cut up the tree, pushed my old 21' boat shell upside down into place, and then moved our horse manure pile up against the side of the boat. I have a dozen old railroad ties that I need to set in place on the manure pile, and then attach a heavy duty flat-top machine pallet to the RR ties to be able to attach stick on/hanging targets.

    New rule for the shooting range, no more shotgun blasts at the target, we got a new skeet launcher that we need to try out this year.
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    Two plum trees from tractor supply. 40 something chicken eggs ready to hatch in the next couple of days.
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    We have a new wood burning cook stove.
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    Bought another trickle charger called "A Battery Minder" from Pep Boys. Paid cash.

    These gadgets claim they will not only slowly charge but also send in pulses to desulfinate your battery...or help keep the build up on the plates sending in pulses of electricity.

    We shall see.


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    Added 2 jet skis this year. Gotta be able to outrun mauraders on the waterways! Lol
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    Just received three hundred new brass cases for my newly re-barreled Swiss sporter in 300 Savage.

    A few weeks back I received the new Frankford Arsenal "Perfect Seat" hand primer. I've been having issues with crimped/sealed primers and the press kept jamming up because of it. By pre-priming the brass it will take that variable out of the equation and help the press operate more smoothly.

    Parts for the ongoing "fridge refurbish" project for my travel trailer (insulation, switches, sensors, ignitor board, fans, etc).

    An electrical heater element retrofit kit for the on-board gas water heater in the trailer (for use when tied to shore power or generator).

    New 1500w inverter for the travel trailer to replace the old (malfunctioning) 650w unit.

    Earlier in the year I laid in a case of Red Feather canned butter when it went on sale and three cases of dehydrated hash browns when Costco had them in stock.
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