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Thread: Surviving a hurricane

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    *******, I could go for a deal like that right about now!
    I'm in it right now, camping for two weeks visiting friends in TN (parked outside their house I'm seriously thinking of selling it because I'm 60, having some health issues, and husband is 65, and he's not interested in RVing when he retires this year. And I don't think we'd be able to tolerate being cramped up in it for any length of time. It's great for one person (and I've got my two dogs with me, good-sized) and it technically sleeps 6. But basically at 26 feet it's perfect for one person. I love it and it meets all my needs for now but not for the future.

    If you're interested, PM me. Since I bought it I've put some money in it getting it like I want it - hot water on demand, flat screen TV with channel booster, complete engine service, brand new Michelins, and had the front window taken out and re-sealed (the old Class Cs with the front window are notorious leakers). Anyway, it is now complete except for solar; I was going to put a couple of 100-watt panels and an inverter for boondocking ability if I was going to keep it, but not now.

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    We love our 30" Dutchmen travel trailer. It is generally in the back yard hooked up to power with cold drinks in the fridge. It's a good place to go on really hot days (the A/C will freeze you out), and if the power does go out, everything in the camper is still functional. I don't think I would chance it in a bad storm, but it is moveable.

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    We used ours a few times as a guest room for family and friends. Our house is rather small, about 1200 square feet, and we like peace and quiet, so visitors are a rare thing. When they come we set it up in the driveway and it has everything they need - water, electricity, TV, coffeemaker, completely stocked with linens, towels, soaps, etc. They can stay up all night and watch TV without disturbing us - we turn in early and aren't too keen on TV for hours. HOA restricts us to having it parked in the drive for more than a week, so there is that, but there's a campground right down the road about a mile so they can move over there when needed.

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