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Thread: Foreign & Domestic Part IV - Colder Weather

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    This is great! I just found the other parts so am backing up to part one. Thanks for your books

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    Default Thoughts on adding this??

    I've been doing my research, like a good little author should, and something has always bothered me when it came to fictional works dealing with EMP's. What about the nuclear reactors? Including the catastrophic effects from most/all reactor meltdowns in the continental US would be a huge buzz kill in any book. People just can't envision that. Some authors who have had their books turned into TV shows and movies have the benefit of Hollywood visuals to help tell the story. Describing it and including it almost forces the author to make the radiation a character, like an antagonist.

    So I've included the following in my book as a bit of a disclaimer. Is it too much? Not needed? Let me know.




    A Note from the Author

    Many writers within the fiction and dystopian genres are doing their readers a huge disservice when it comes to writing about EMP’s. Willingly, or knowingly, or not, many of the descriptions used fictionally to illustrate these after-effects, more often than not, tend to only include the topics that are most likely to be relatable to the reader’s imagination (death, disease, starvation, etc.). Readers have seen PSA’s and infomercials on TV. They’ve heard pleas on the radio for donations after a tragedy. These are images that are already seared into their minds eye.

    However, a key topic that is often not included, or at a minimum is glossed over while offering as few words as possible, in any sort of post-apocalyptic work is an EMP’s effects on nuclear reactors.
    I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a statement and some general assumptions regarding this potential hazard.

    1. It is not in dispute that the United States electrical grid is vulnerable to an EMP. However, no one knows what will happen with regard to a nuclear power plants ability to shut down gracefully since we’ve never been targeted with an EMP by a foreign or domestic actor.
    2. Many scientists and scholars believe that, due to the large diesel reserves for the backup generators (typically between 50,000-75,000 gallons), the reactors will be able to shut down gracefully and avoid a meltdown ala Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima.
    3. Skeptics decry the government’s assurances, and their seemingly abundant faith, in the generators starting up due to the known electrical disturbances that accompany an EMP. Presumably this is because plant owner/operators have not disclosed whether or not the generators are adequately shielded from an EMP.
    4. Skeptics also point out that, due to the limited fuel capacity coupled with a presumed lack of transportation to replenish exhausted fuel supplies, the plants operators are merely delaying the inevitable. Believing, instead, that once the fuel runs out, the pools used to keep the rods cool will eventually evaporate, thereby resulting in a full-fledged uncontrolled meltdown.
    5. Scholars, scientists, skeptics, and government officials are all in agreement that, given the placement of nuclear reactor’s within the continental United States, should we be stricken by an EMP, the resulting potential/hypothetical meltdown(s) would have a devastating effect. So much so, that most of the continental United States from the Mississippi River east to the Atlantic would be rendered a radiation nightmare.

    It is my assertion that, because of the potential for so much widespread radiation leakage, a large swath of the population will contract some form of radiation sickness and likely perish.

    Frankly, this is the sole reason I do not address it in my series… it’s just too damn depressing to conceive and contemplate let alone write about it.

    Just know that this author has read up on it. I fully understand, conceptually at least, exactly what the effects of a meltdown would be with regard to the immediate site as well as the down-wind vicinities. I am choosing not to address it because the inclusion of this truth would prohibit the continuation of the series, or any series, as a whole.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the series. Stay vigilant.
    Hannibal ad portas

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